Mourning for a dead moon

Produced by DAP-Lab

Directed by Johannes Birringer | Michèle Danjoux

Featuring: Zhi Xu, Macarena Ortuzar, Yoko Ishiguro, Helenna Ren

Music: Dee Egan and Louie Marlow

Electronic Design: Maria Dada | Ragnar Hrafnkelsson

Lighting: Charles Manister

7:30 pm, 7 December 2019

Antonin Artaud Theatre, Brunel University London

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Dialogue: X-Body

Per/forming Future: Investigating Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Performance

11th - 13th April 2019

Middlesex University, London, UK

Curated by ADiE

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Dialogue: X-Body (Resolution 2019)

Choreographer: Zhi Xu; Dancers: Jiajie Zhou, Miziying Wang, Rumeng Li, Limeihui Zhu, Zhi Xu

Sound Artist: A-KIN (Drew Egan); Technical Advisor: Graeme Shaw

Lighting: Charles James; Projection: Saga Styrmisdottir; Photo: Yufei Liang; Poster: Zhi Xu

7:30 pm, 13 February 2019

The Place, 17 Duke's Rd, London, WC1H 9PY

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Kun . Peng - Arts@Artaud

Solo Work, Choreographed and Performed by Zhi Xu

7 pm, 21 February 2018

Antonin Artaud Theatre, Brunel University London

Digital Masterclass: Kinetic Atmospheres

Director: Johannes Birringer; DAP-Lab Co-Director: Michele Danjoux; Sonic Artist: Sara S. Belle; Dancer: Zhi Xu; Sound Technician: Graeme Shaw

5 - 9 pm, 20 February 2018

ANTR101, Brunel University London

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Kimosphere No. 5

09 December 2017

Drama Theatre, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Kun . Peng

7:30 pm, 15 May 2017

Michaelis Theatre, University of Roehampton London, UK

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Dance Drama: Square and Circle

20 - 21 August 2016

National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, China

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